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In affiliation with our genetic laboratory and our alliance with DNAWORX™, we have developed Soccer Genomics™.  Soccer Genomics is a (new, proprietary and exclusive way) to test the genetic makeup of an individual soccer player.  This information provides insight into developing a personalized training program to help improve player performance. The Soccer Genomics report will walk you through a scientific evaluation of the genetic variants analyzed, and present you with an actionable built around your genetic predisposition age, performance, and grade level.


Soccer Genomics is an individualized and holistic approach that allows us to determine the player’s genetic predisposition and use it as reference to design an individualized program that assists the player’s in unlocking their potential.


Since the inception of the sport, there has been no established method personalize soccer training routines. Regardless of your individual achievements or lack thereof, the routines were rarely changed. You will now be able to improve as a result of understanding your own genetic makeup and modifying your training program.


Your Soccer Genomics report additionally incorporates personalized nutritional recommendations based on your genetic makeup that may alter your metabolism.


Partner with us by ordering your Soccer Genomics kit, unlock your DNA SOCCER KEY, and sit back and witness the beginning of your real soccer evolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my performance as a soccer player differ from my friends?

The way we respond to soccer related activities varies between individuals.  Such differences are in part accounted by our individual genetic makeup.  Maximizing your genetic potential will enable you to improve your Soccer Performance to new heights. Learn about your genetic potential as you review your individualized report.

How is my soccer performance to improve as a result of my Soccer Genomics Report?

You will now have the ability to understand your genetic predisposition as it relates to your performance.  The report will enable you to enhance your practice with valuable information that includes Personalized Nutritional guidance; Improvement in Soccer related tasks, such as Speed, Endurance, Strength, Agility as well as gaining understanding in injury risk and prevention.


I am in high school, is this test only designed for the professional player?

The Soccer Genomics Kit can be purchased for players as young as four years old and regardless of sex. Additionally, the suggested changes are applicable to all users regardless of training skills.

What additional benefits are there to a genetically designed diet as suggested by Soccer Genomics?

Dietary changes are of absolute need when looking to excel in your soccer practice.  You will now have the ability to make the necessary adjustments and feel the difference as you look to achieve your goals.

Is our diet of real importance when looking to perform in Soccer Activities?

As with any sport, Nutrition/ Hydration and Sleep hygiene are some of the determining factors in Soccer Performance.

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