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Our home-based buccal swab kit is the right way for you to send your DNA to our lab.


Our labs are CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited in order to process all buccal samples.

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Soccer Genes – SNP

Choice of analyzed genes is based on existing review of currently evolving literature.


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In affiliation with our genetic laboratories and collaborators, we have developed Soccer Genomics. An exclusive all encompassing Soccer Player Development Tool that incorporates valuable genetic information.

Emphasis is placed in presenting the player with a personalized plan that incorporates different modalities which seek to improve overall performance. Variables that are incorporatedin the generation of the report include age as well as gender, and recommendations are tailored accordingly.


Soccer Genomics allows for incorporation of genetic data into a soccer regimen, thus allowing for a more complete assessment and design of a soccer training plan. Valuable Nutritional/Hydration information adds to the completeness of the report.

Partner with us by ordering your Soccer Genomics kit, familiarize yourself with our Soccer Player Development Tool and seat back as you experience your real soccer evolution..