DNA Soccer Test


The Soccer Genomics test is an innovated way to test the genetic makeup of a soccer player. This information provides insight in to developing a personalized training program to help improve soccer player performance.

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The Soccer Genomics track will inarguably change the way you do your soccer training. These genetic analyses have been developed in conjunction with recognized leaders in the soccer world.


The results that you will get are presented in an easy and friendly format that helps you understand your genetics and give the tools to you maximize your soccer potential.


You are now empowered to discovery your ability to succeed in soccer and able to objectively assess your genetic potential.
The following areas are analyzed through the Soccer Genomics test:


  • Speed, Endurance, Strength, Flexibility and Mobility, Risk of Injury and Nutrition and they are categorized in a scale easy to follow: Low, Moderate and High.
  • The modalities are analyzed in a great amount of detail, and recommendations are made based on the player’s genetic profile and age.
  • Each of the modalities analyzed includes a list of relevant genes and their meaning.
  • Nutritional information allows the player/coach to understand in a great amount of detail the metabolism of Fats and Carbohydrates. Dietary changes can now be made that are specific to the soccer player.
  • The level of detail is amazing and it goes as far as describing the changes in diet that should occur Pre, during, and Post Match.
Partner with us by ordering your Soccer Genomics Testing package, unlock your DNA key, and sit back as you witness the beginning of your real genetic evolution.


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