I purchased this test as a Holiday gift for my 16-year-old son who aspires to make it to the Pro’s. I was blown away by the information presented. Never could have I imagined that his genetic potential, can be honed in and allow him to improve his performance. The guidance given in his personalized report is truly mind blowing. I can’t wait for his coaches to realize his improvement. Thank you, Soccer Genomics.

Elizabeth K.

My great friend and mother of my son’s friend –Debbie- shared with me the results of her Son’s Soccer Genomics Test. Immediately I called my husband, and asked him to purchase the test for our son. We just sent the swab in, and honestly can’t wait to see the results. I thought this would only be available for our eldest, but was surprised to learn that even our 6-year-old can be tested. Honestly this technology is amazing. You.

Mary A.

I have been training with my soccer coach for quite some time. He has now incorporated my genetic instructions to our workout. Although it has been only three weeks since we did so, I can already feel a difference in my endurance, and ability to excel. Looking forward to future success.

Debbie C.